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Gown Care/Dry Cleaning

LDC Luxury Dry Cleaning

Before the Wedding
Allow LDC to take the stress out of your Hunter Wedding. LDC will pick up your Wedding Gown and all other Wedding Attire and deliver to your Venue or Wedding Location. 
The Garments will be Steamed, Hung and ready to wear on that Special Day. 
After the Wedding LDC organise to Pick-Up and Clean the Wedding Gown and all other Wedding Party Attire.
LDC Preserve and Box the Gown or provide Customised Linen bags depending on your choosing.

0438 458 394
26a Pendlebury Road Cardiff NSW 2285
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Hunter Wedding Specialists is a group of the area’s leading wedding industry businesses who have formed a not for profit referral / networking association designed to present quality bridal expos that will provide prospective brides and grooms with all the information and help they need in planning their wedding.

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Hunter Wedding Specialists has been formed as an association (a non profit organisation) with the sole intention of bringing together businesses that cater for the various aspects of the wedding industry.  By pooling funds, all members, small, medium and large, have equal opportunity to participate in our bridal expos advertise on our website.

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Our members have access to request modifications to their listings in our online directory, as well as access information and forms for members.

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