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Miss Munroe

What is Boudoir photography?

Boudoir literally means ‘a woman’s bedroom’ in French, but in the world of photography it means so much more. It’s all about femininity, elegance, sensuality and subtle sexiness. It can be glamorous or cheeky, playful or exciting.
There are no rules when it comes to boudoir photography, YOU get to tell the story, YOU get to set the limits.
What will a boudoir session look like for you?

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Hunter Wedding Specialists is a group of the area’s leading wedding industry businesses who have formed a not for profit referral / networking association designed to present quality bridal expos that will provide prospective brides and grooms with all the information and help they need in planning their wedding.

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Hunter Wedding Specialists has been formed as an association (a non profit organisation) with the sole intention of bringing together businesses that cater for the various aspects of the wedding industry.  By pooling funds, all members, small, medium and large, have equal opportunity to participate in our bridal expos advertise on our website.

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